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Respiratory diseases are causing health issues across the globe. Budecort is a steroid medication that has gained huge popularity for respiratory success. Its anti-asthmatic activity allows it to control and manage asthma symptoms and prevent asthma. It helps ease the everyday symptoms of asthma such as chest pain, shortness of breath wheezing, and prevents exacerbations.

Why is Budesonide Inhaler Prescribed?

Budesonide is prescribed to control asthmatic symptoms including coughing, difficulty breathing wheezing, and chest tightness. It belongs to the corticosteroid class of medications. Budesonide works by reducing the irritation and swelling that allows easier breathing in asthma patients.

Budesonide powder is prescribed to adults and children of 8 years and above age for oral inhalation whereas Budesonide suspension is prescribed to children between 1 to 8 years of age for oral inhalation.

Understanding Respiratory Diseases

The most common respiratory diseases are asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Both of these conditions influence the airways which transport the air in and out of the lungs. Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) seem like similar conditions; however, these are different kinds of respiratory problems.


Asthma is caused by inflammation and narrowing (irritation and swelling) of the airways and it is described by breathing difficulty. The most common symptoms of asthma are breathing difficulty, coughing, chest tightness, and wheezing. Asthma is characterized by recurrent attacks of these symptoms.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

COPD is a common lung disease that causes constrained airflow and breathing problems. The common symptoms of COPD include breathing difficulty, chronic cough, and tiredness. These symptoms can quickly get worse.

How Does Budecort Inhaler Work?

Asthma patients have inflammation in the airway that makes them sensitive to triggers causing discomfort in the airways. Budesonide works by impeding the action of allergic and inflammatory mediators that trigger symptoms of asthma. As a result, it reduces the symptoms and enables easier breathing.

Does It Prevent Asthma Attacks?

Budecort inhaler helps prevent asthma symptoms. If you use it regularly every day to inhale Budesonide it effectively decreases the severity and number of asthma attacks. To prevent asthma attacks you should use it every day as suggested by your healthcare professional.

General Warnings

Discuss with your healthcare provider:

  • If you have difficulty breathing, or severe asthma, your doctor may need to adjust the dosage accordingly.

  • If you have or ever had a severe infection that mainly touches the lungs.

  • If you have liver disease, liver problems may cause an increased level of Budesonide in your blood. These patients require regular checkups.  

  • If you have allergic reactions after using this drug such as rash, swelling, or urge to scratch.

  • If you notice any visual disturbance or ocular herpes simplex, your doctor may advise you to visit an eye specialist for proper evaluation.

  • If oral fungal infection occurs or you have increased wheezing after taking this drug.

How To Use Budecort Inhaler for Maximum Results

How to Use Budecort Inhaler For Maximum Results | Respiratory Therapist | Face Mask | Withdrawal Symptoms | Rescue Inhaler |

Budesonide is used as a maintenance treatment for asthma. Use the Budesonide inhaler correctly as guided by your healthcare provider or pharmacist. You should maintain good oral hygiene while using Budecort to prevent oral infections. Rinse your mouth well after using the inhaler.

At GrantPharmacy Budesonide is available as a powder for inhalation through the mouth (dry powder inhalers) and a suspension (liquid) for inhalation through the mouth (special jet nebulizer). Usually, the Budesonide inhalation powder is inhaled twice a day and the Budesonide suspension is inhaled once or twice a day.

How to Use Budecort 200 mcg

Its highly important to use Budesonide inhaler properly. First of all, hold the mouthpiece between your teeth and tightly close the mouth. Hold the inhaler upright and take a deep breath through your mouth concurrently pressing the top of the canister firmly to get a puff of medicine. The number of puffs you need to take is determined by your doctor or Asthma nurse depending on your condition.

After each inhalation, take out the device from your mouth and hold your breath for 10 seconds or longer if you are comfortable. After taking one puff wait for at least 30 seconds and then take the next. Then breathe out gently. If you haven’t inhaled the medicine completely, take another breath through the mouthpiece.

After taking the prescribed number of puffs, take the device out of your mouth, wipe the mouthpiece with a clean dry tissue, and close it. Rinse your mouth with water after using the inhaler. Keep the inhaler clean and tightly covered. Budecort inhaler should only be used if your doctor has prescribed it to you.

A Budesonide inhaler provides 60 or 120 inhalations depending on the size of the inhaler. Once you have used the labelled number of inhalations, if you use it may not contain the required amount of medication. You should be aware of the number of inhalations you have used. Get the refill from GrantPharmacy at great prices.

How to Use Budesonide Nebulizer Suspension

Read Do not swallow the liquid. Before using the jet nebulizer, read the instructions on the patient information leaflet carefully. Ask your healthcare provider to show you the correct way to use the nebulizer.

Remove an ampule of inhalation suspension from the foil pouch and gently shake it in a circular motion. Hold the ampule straight and twist off its top. Pour the liquid into the nebulizer reservoir completely. Do not combine any other medicines in the reservoir.

Join the nebulizer reservoir to the mask and connect the nebulizer to the compressor. Put the mask on the face, sit in a comfortable possible, and turn on the compressor. Ask the child to practice deep breathing until the mist formation stops in the chamber.

After each use rinse your child's mouth with clean water and spit the water. Do not swallow the water. Dispose of the used ampule in the trash can properly. Regularly clean your nebulizer and let it dry.

Things to Be Aware of While Using Budecort Inhaler

Asthma Inhalers | Asthma Nurse | Bone Density Test | Metered Dose Inhalers |

It is advised to use a Budecort inhaler daily at the same time. Carefully follow your doctor’s instructions on how to use this inhaler and use it correctly. Do not use more or a lesser number of puffs than prescribed.

Consult your doctor about how to use other inhaled or oral medicines while you are using a Budecort inhaler. If you were using an oral steroid (Prednisone or Dexamethasone) your doctor may need to decrease your steroid dosage gradually after you start using Budesonide.

Maintenance treatment of asthma with Budecort helps ease asthma symptoms and prevent attacks however it does not cure completely. You can notice the improvements soon after using a Budecort inhaler but complete effects may not be visible for 1-2 weeks after using Budesonide powder and 4-6 weeks after using Budesonide suspension regularly.

Do not stop using Budecort even if you start feeling well without consulting your healthcare professional. Contact your doctor if symptoms do not get better during the initial two weeks (using powder) or 6 weeks (using suspension) or become worse.

Dispose of the Budesonide inhalers properly after completing the labelled number of inhalations even if it still has some liquid or powder left.

Special Precautions You Need to Follow

Before you begin with Budecort inhalation:

  • Your doctor should be aware if you are allergic to Budesonide, other drugs, or any other ingredient of this product.

  • If you have been prescribed Budesonide inhalation powder, inform your doctor if you have a milk protein allergy.

  • Tell your doctor about all the prescription and non-prescription drugs, nutritional supplements, herbal products, or vitamins you're taking or planning to take.

  • It is not recommended to use Budecort during an ongoing asthma attack. Your healthcare professional will prescribe you a short-acting inhaler that you can use during an asthma attack.

  • Your doctor should be aware if you are pregnant, planning to conceive, or breastfeeding your baby. Talk to your doctor if you get pregnant during Budecort treatment.

Are There Any Side Effects of Budecort Inhaler?

Using the Budesonide inhaler once a day for the prescribed period is generally well tolerated and works effectively for children and adults with mild asthma. Generally inhaled Budesonide deliver a small amount of steroid medicines exactly as your body requires it. It restricts the steroid medicine touch the rest of body and lessens the risk of side effects.

Budecort 200 mcg may cause some side effects including:

  • Oral fungal infections

  • Cough

  • Throat irritation

  • Oral thrush

  • Pneumonia

  • Hoarseness in voice

  • Loss of appetite

  • Headache

If any of these side effects do not go away or become severe call your doctor and seek medical attention.

Possible Drug Interactions

Budesonide medication may interact with other drugs and ingredients which can lead to adverse effects or increase the possibility of developing side effects.

Medications that may interact with Budecort inhaler include:

  • Antifungals (Itraconazole, Ketoconazole)

  • Oral steroids (Dexamethasone, Methylprednisolone)

  • HIV protease inhibitors (Indinavir, Atazanavir, Ritonavir)

  • Seizures medications (Nefazodone)

  • Antibiotics (Clarithromycin)

If it is necessary to take any of these drugs concurrently with Budesonide, your healthcare provider needs to modify the dosage depending on your medicines. They may need to monitor your condition carefully for side effects.

If you consume alcohol, there is no information on alcohol interaction with this product. However alcohol can trigger asthma. So discuss it with your doctor or pharmacist to avoid any adverse effects.

Food Interactions

Certain food items may also interfere with this medication. Consuming large amounts of grapefruit and grapefruit juice while using a Budecort 200 mcg inhaler can increase the Budesonide levels in your body. It may put you at risk of experiencing side effects.

Storage and Disposal Instructions

Keep the medicine in its original container and cover tightly. It should be placed out of the reach of pets and kids. Store the nebulizer ampules sealed in their original foils. Keep it at room temperature away from heat and moisture. Never store your medicines in the refrigerator until your doctor suggests.

If you have been prescribed inhalation powder, every time you refill your prescription from GrantPharmacy, replace your old inhaler as well. If you have been prescribed the nebulizer solution, dispose of the unused ampules 2 weeks after opening the foil pouch.

Closing Words

Budecort 200 inhaler comprises a corticosteroid Budesonide that is used to manage asthma symptoms and prevent asthma attacks. Budesonide maintenance therapy successfully works by diminishing swelling and inflammation in airways and allowing easier breathing. Budecort inhaler is efficiently helping asthma patients control symptoms and achieve respiratory success. Use it exactly as suggested by your doctor and do not stop using the inhaler until your healthcare provider asks you. Budecort inhaler should not be used during an acute asthma attack.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I missed a dose?

If you forget to take a dose at scheduled time, take it if you remember within 6 hours after the previous dose. If you realize about the missed dose after 6 hours of your previous dose skip the missed dose and take the next dose as per your regular dosing schedule. Do not take a double dose.

What happen if I take high doses of Budesonide?

Using high doses for a longer time can be unsafe and may affect adrenal glands or cause increased risk of adrenal insufficiency. If children take high doses for a long time, it may result in growth retardation. Seek emergency medical treatment if you have consumed too much Budesonide and have overdose symptoms.

Can Budesonide prevent an ongoing asthma attack?

Regular use of Budecort inhaler prevents asthma attacks and improves bothersome symptoms of asthma including wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. This medicine will not help if an asthma attack it already started. It is not intended to be used during an asthma attack. A short-acting inhaler is prescribed for use during asthma attacks.

Are there any contraindications of the Budecort inhaler?

You may not use a Budecort inhaler if you are allergic to Budesonide or any other ingredient of this medication and milk proteins. This product should not be used for Status asthmaticus, a dangerous form of asthma that necessitates a medical emergency.

Can I use a Budesonide inhaler during pregnancy?

There is no adequate information regarding the use of this product during pregnancy. Pregnant women should not use a Budecort inhaler until it is prescribed by their healthcare provider. It is extremely important to get proper asthma treatment during pregnancy to ensure the safety of both the mother and the fetus.







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