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Mebendazole Antiparasitic Medication| Chills General Feeling | Effects Continue | Parasitic Infection Occur
Mebendazole is available as a generic medicine and is also sold under the brand names Vermox and Emverm. It is used for the treatment of intestinal worm infections including hookworm, roundworm, and pinworm. Mebendazole is a prescription medication so can not get it over the counter.

What is Mebendazole And Why Is It Prescribed?

It is a parasitic medicine prescribed to treat various infections caused by worms. It acts by preventing the infection stopping worms from absorbing sugar that makes the worm lose its energy and die.

Mebendazole Dosage Forms:

  • Tablet

  • Chewable

Mebendazole uses include treatment of Infections Caused By:

  • Common roundworms infections (ascariasis)

  • Whipworms infections (trichuriasis)

  • Pinworms infections (oxyuriasis, enterobiasis)

  • Hookworms infections (Uncinariasis, Necatoriasis, Anclostomiasis)

How Does Mebendazole Work?

Mebendazole is an antiparasitic drug that destroys intestinal worms by preventing them from using energy that is necessary for their survival. It starts working against the infection within a few hours after you take the first dose. It may take around 3 weeks to completely eradicate all parasites from your body.

Mebendazole functions by preventing microtubule production by binding to the colchicine binding site of β-tubulin. It blocks tubulin dimers polymerization in the intestinal cells of parasites. Therefore, the uptake of glucose and the reproductive and digestive capabilities of parasites are disturbed. It halts and hinders egg production and causes the death of helminths.

Mebendazole is absorbed inadequately in the digestive tract establishing it as an operative drug for the management of intestinal helminthic infection with fewer side effects.

How to Use Mebendazole Tablet Properly

Mebendazole Dosage Forms | Skin Incidence | Drug Interactions | Treatment for Parasitic Infections |

Go through the patient information leaflet carefully before you begin with mebendazole and every time you refill it from GrantPharmacy. Discuss with your health care professional team if you have any questions or if you do not understand anything.

The precise Mebendazole dosage depends on your particular medical condition and how your body reacts to the treatment. Take it properly as recommended by your doctor. This medicine can be swallowed whole, chewed, or crushed and blended with food.

Generally, for pinworm infection treatment, Mebendazole is prescribed as a single dose. The second dose may be given after a few weeks if necessary required. For other worm infections, Mebendazole is usually prescribed to take twice a day for 3 days or longer. Take it orally by mouth exactly as suggested by your doctor. If required, the treatment may be repeated after a few weeks.

Stick to your doctor’s directions while using this medicine. Avoid skipping any doses and take it for the prescribed amount of time. Do not discontinue using Mebendazole even if you notice significant improvements too early as the infection may come back.

Mebendazole Chewable Tablets

Take it with or without food. Do not swallow the chewable tablet whole and chew it properly before swallowing.  If find it tough to chew the tablet, put it in a spoon, and add drinking water (2-3 ml) with the help of a dosing syringe. The tablet will absorb the water within 2 minutes and it will convert into a soft mass of semi-solid consistency that you can easily swallow.

Higher Doses of Mebendazole

If your doctor has prescribed high doses of Mebendazole, to get the best of it take this medicine with meals, particularly the fatty ones. It will help clear up the infection by allowing your body better absorb the medicine. In case you are taking a low-fat diet, consult with your healthcare provider.

In Case of a Missed Dose

Take the missed dose instantly however if you come to know about the missed dose when it is time for your next dose, skip and and continue with your normal dosing schedule. Taking two doses together can be dangerous.

Mebendazole Warnings

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Pediatric Use:

No suitable studies have been performed on children aged less than 2 years. It should not be used in children below 2 years of age as it may cause convulsions in this age group. If you experience convulsions while taking this drug, immediately contact your healthcare team.

Geriatric Use:

No such information is available that can restrict the use of Mebendazole in elderly or geriatric patients.

Allergic Reaction:

If you ever had an allergic reaction to Mebendazole or any other medicine, make sure your doctor is aware of that. Inform your doctor about your allergies to any foods, ingredients, dyes preservatives, etc.


No well recorded controlled studies have been performed in pregnant women so there is no adequate information available concerning the use of Mebendazole in pregnant women. Discuss with your doctor if you are pregnant or planning to be pregnant.


No adequate studies have been performed to determine the infant risk while using this drug in breastfeeding women. Healthcare professionals should carefully weigh the benefits against the likelihood of risks before prescribing this medication to breastfeeding females.

White Blood Cell Count:

White blood cells combat infections inside the body. Insufficient amounts of these cells can make your body catch infections easily and make it difficult to get better. It usually happens with extremely high doses. While taking this drug for longer periods, regularly go for blood tests to check with white blood cell count.

Possible Drug Interactions With Mebendazole

Using certain medications concurrently may lead to an interaction that affects how the drugs perform and also increases the chances of side effects. If it is necessary to take other drugs simultaneously your healthcare provider may need to modify the dosage or suggest necessary precautions.

Metronidazole in combination with Mebendazole can cause severe skin rashes that are painful and lead to blisters all around the body. If you notice a severe rash accompanied by baffling blisters, sores inside the mouth, or fever, seek abrupt medical attention.

Make sure your healthcare provider team is informed about all medications you are taking. Liver disease and bone marrow conditions may affect the use of this medication so discuss it with your doctor before beginning with Mebendazole.

Mebendazole Associated Side Effects

Elevate Your Health With Mebendazole | Transform Your Gut With Mebendazole | Mebendazole Tablet Chewable |

The following side effects can be caused by this medicine are:

  • Vomiting

  • Nausea

  • Gas or bloated excess air

  • Diarrhea

  • Stomach pain

  • Loss of appetite

Usually, these side effects improve over time without any medical consideration as your body adjusts to the drug so you do not need to worry about them. Inform your doctor instantly if any of these side effects do not get better or become worse over time.

Rare and very uncommon side effects of this include hive like swelling, hair loss, convulsions, liver damage, kidney damage, red skin lesions with a purple center red, difficulty urination, pale skin, redness of skin, other skin incidence, unusual bruising, unusual tiredness, skin rash large, and rare abdominal or stomach upset incidence.

Advantages of Mebendazole Tablet Chewable Tablets

  • It can be swallowed, chewed, or crushed to mix with food. You can take this medicine in any suitable way.

  • It can be safely used in children of 2 years and above age.

  • It performs well against the infection with a small number of doses.

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Precautions You Need to Take

The healthcare professional must check the treatment progress during regular visits particularly if you are taking high doses. It will help ensure that the infection is gone and the occurrence of undesired effects.

Pinworm infections can be easily passed to other people, especially the people living in the same house. Every household member should get the proper treatment to prevent possible infection or reinfection.

During the whipworm and hookworm infections, patients may develop anemia so your healthcare provider may suggest you take iron supplements to eliminate the anemia. Make sure you take the iron supplement religiously as recommended by your provider.

Some patients may experience reinfection even after getting Mebendazole treatment. You should take some measures to prevent reinfection. Often wash your hands and fingernails every time you eat something and after you use the washroom.

Other preventive measures include using the bathroom and maintaining clean toilet seats. Clean with bedroom floor by damp mopping or vacuuming after the treatment with this drug. Avoid dry sweeping as it may stir up the dust. Wear tight underpants and change them daily. Also, wear shoes whenever required.

Wrapping Up

Mebendazole is given to treat intestinal worm infections including hookworm, pinworm, and roundworm. It works the inhibiting sugar absorption by a worm making the worm lose energy and cause death. Mebendazole tablet chewable eases the symptoms of parasitic infections such as nausea, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. It is feebly absorbed in the digestive tract which makes it effective against the infection with fewer side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mebendazole an antibiotic medication?

Emverm or Mebendazole is not an antibiotic but an antiparasitic infection that can help treat a parasitic infection. It kills infection-causing parasites however antibiotics kill bacteria.

Can I buy Mebendazole over the counter?

In certain countries, Mebendazole can be available over the counter however in the US this this medication is available with a prescription only so you can not buy it over the counter.

Does Mebendazole cause liver damage?

Commonly at the right dose, no harm to the liver is reported by patients. Extreme higher doses or repeated use may cause acute liver injury in rare cases.







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