• Ordered without prescription
    I ordered in your pharmacy without prescription and i don't know if you require or anything. Just mention it somewhere in website so i don't have to worry about it. I worried you ask for it.. Anyway i received my order today and thanks S
  • my purchase
    My representative Rick was great with helping me make my purchase and was very knowledgeable.
  • Hydroxychloroquine
    As the scandal of the century plays out in the medical arena, I have nothing but gratefulness for your company stepping up and supplying this much needed cure for COVID. How many have died because they didn't get the treatment they should have ? And this medicine can be used to prevent COVID as well... Will those who have been vaccinated find relief with this medicine also ? There is already some hope. Please keep up the good work ! Combined with Azithromycin and Zink, the HCQ is shown to be incredibly effective. And doctors know it too !
  • Received my order!
    To be honest I was leery of ordering through you. Too good to be true? Kind of. I'm glad I did! Ordering was easy. Customer service quick to respond to questions. Shipment came a week earlier than expected! All major pluses when ordering on line. No more qualms about ordering through your company! Thank you !!!!!