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Baricitinib (Olumiant)

Baricitinib is the best medication to treat rheumatoid arthritis. The brand name of this medicine is Olumiant.
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Baricitinib (Olumiant) 4mg

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What is Baricitinib (Olumiant 4mg)?

Baricitinib is the best medication to treat rheumatoid arthritis. The brand name of this medicine is Olumiant. 

olumiant baricitinib 4mg works effectively to reduce immune activity by slowing down particular enzymes.

Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the auto-immune disorders that attack the healthy cells in the body mistakenly. It causes pain in joints, knees, hands and wrists, tenderness and lack of balance. 

Explore Grant Pharmacy's offerings and services for obtaining Baricitinib (Olumiant 4mg) for rheumatoid arthritis treatment.

The components of baricitinib olumiant help to reduce swelling, tenderness and pain in the joint. 

After evaluation of the condition, the healthcare professional suggests the right duration and dosage of the Baricitinib tablet. 

It is good to inform your medical history to a doctor before starting the treatment. If you take this medication properly as advised by the physical, you can get an outstanding result. 

Baricitinib is specially created for patients has not responded to DMARDs and other treatments. It aids in managing the symptoms related to rheumatoid arthritis.

The common side effects of Olumiant tablet are high blood cholesterol, throat infection, fatigue and others.  

Many side effects don’t need the medical attention that will be fixed when the body accepts this medication. If any side effect stays longer, you can consult with the physician. 

Avoid taking the Olumiant capsule if you are breastfeeding or pregnant. Some ingredients in this medication can affect the growth of the baby. 

Olumiant 4mg tablet is not recommended for children under eighteen years old. Baricitinib buy online from a Grant Pharmacy at an affordable price. 

How does Baricitinib (Olumiant 4mg) work? 

Olumiant capsule is the Janus kinase (JAK) inhibitor, which consists of baricitinib. It helps to reduce the enzyme Janus kinase which relieves swelling and pain. 

JAK inhibitors intercede particular inflammatory pathways, which leads to inflammation, pain and tissue damage. 

By inhibiting this enzyme baricitinib helps relieve pain, tenderness, swelling and discomfort. It also improves movement and can reduce further tissue damage.

A major question among many people about this tablet is how long does baricitinib take to work. It will take a few weeks to work in the body. 

Some people might start noticing this medication’s effect within eight weeks while others may notice about six months. It can differ based on the health condition of the patient. 

How to use Baricitinib (Olumiant 4mg)? 

Before start using the Olumiant 4mg, you should read the medication guide suggested by the doctor. 

You can take this tablet without or with food at your convenience. Ask the healthcare professional if you have questions. 

Don’t chew and break the capsule. You can take it with a glass of water and enjoy the complete benefit of this medication. 

Take the Baricitinib tablet daily as advised by the doctor to obtain the outstanding result. Remember that you should take it at the same time daily. 

According to the medical condition, other medications the person might be taking and response to the treatment, the Baricitinib dosage can vary. 

You must inform to the healthcare professional about the herbal products and prescription drugs. 

Don’t increase or decrease the dose of the medication without consulting the doctor.  The baricitinib price can vary based on the location and Grant pharmacy online.

  • Missed dose 

If you missed any dose, you can take it quickly you remember. When it is time for the next dose of the Baricitinib capsule, you can skip the missed dose and follow the regular schedule. 

Avoid taking the double dose to balance the forgotten supplement that can increase the side effects. 

  • Overdose

If you take an overdose of Baricitinib accidentally, it can cause serious side effects such as breathing issues, and viral and invasive fungal infections.

If you experience these side effects, you can visit the hospital or contact a healthcare professional. 

Empowering Patients with Information

At Grant Pharmacy, we believe in empowering patients with the knowledge and resources they need to take control of their health. Whether you're considering Baricitinib as a treatment option or have been prescribed the medication already, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Precautions and warnings 

When it comes to taking the baricitinib tablet, you should prepare a list of herbal products and the medication you are taking. 

You should check if this medication has any allergic components. If anyone suffers from a medical disorder, you must tell them to the healthcare professional. 

It is essential to inform the healthcare professional of the individual who has a history of 

  • Diverticulitis 
  • Liver disease
  • Cancer
  • Chronic infections 
  • Hepatitis B and C 
  • Anaemias 

The person should avoid taking this capsule because it causes some negative effects. 

Avoid operating heavy machinery after taking this Baricitinib capsule because it will increase sleepiness and tiredness. 

Don’t drive a vehicle while taking Olumiant supplements that increase the chance of accidents. 

Also, you should give detailed vaccination history to healthcare professionals that let them suggest the right dose. 

Those who are planning to get pregnant speak with the physician before taking this medication. 

Breastfeeding and pregnant women never take Olumiant capsules without a doctor's prescription. 

When taking Olumiant 4mg tablet, you should avoid drinking alcohol. Alcohol can affect the performance of the supplement. 

Side effects of Baricitinib (Olumiant 4mg)

Before using this medication to treat rheumatoid arthritis, you should check the baricitinib side effects

Like other supplements to treat rheumatoid arthritis, Olumiant can cause some negative effects. 

Cold sores, nausea, cold symptoms, herpes simplex, herpes zoster and shingles are common side effects of Olumiant tablets. 

These symptoms will resolve if the body supports this medication. Stop taking Olumiant capsule if you experience the following symptoms. 

  • Tuberculosis and invasive fungal infections 
  • Sudden breath shortness 
  • Thrombosis 
  • Pulmonary embolism 
  • Nausea and cold sweat 
  • Light headed feeling 
  • Redness and pain in the leg or arm 
  • Slurred speech 

You can seek immediate treatment if you have these side effects:

  • Unexplained weight reduction 
  • Lumps in the groin and neck
  • Wheezing and trouble breathing 
  • Improved pain and urination while urinating 

When you have decided to purchase this medication online, you should check the olumiant 4mg price from Grant Pharmacy.

It will help you to buy the Olumiant tablet at a discount price without compromising its quality. 


You can store the olumiant 4mg at room temperature away from moisture and direct sunlight. 

Keep this medicine away from pets and kids to avoid unwanted things. 

Never store olumiant tablets in the bathroom

If you have expired tablets, you can discard them properly by consulting the waste management company or pharmacist. 

You don’t flush this capsule down the toilet unless instructed on the label of the product. 


Baricitinib capsule can interact with other medications that can change how it works. Also, it can increase the risk of various side effects for users.  

You can keep a list of products you are using like herbal products, and prescription and non-prescription supplements and share them with healthcare professionals.  

Without consulting the doctor, you never change or stop the dosage of Baricitinib. 

The following are some drugs that you should not take with Olumiant capsule:

  • Tofacitinib  
  • Infliximab
  • Upadacitinib  
  • Azathioprine 
  • Etanercept  
  • Abatacept 
  • Tocilizumab 
  • Golimumab 
  • Sarilumab
  • Certolizumab pegol 
  • Probenecid 
  • Anakinra
  • Adalimumab  
  • Rituximab  
  • Cyclosporine  

Before consulting the Baricitinib (Olumiant 4mg), you should speak with a healthcare professional. 

The doctor suggests the right solution for people after evaluating their health condition and medical report. 

Frequently asked questions about Baricitinib (Olumiant 4mg) (FAQs)

  1. Can Baricitinib (Olumiant 4mg) be used for treating atopic dermatitis?

Of course, the baricitinib uses to treat atopic dermatitis (eczema). So, many doctors suggest this tablet for patients with atopic dermatitis. 

FDA hasn’t approved this medication for this usage but Olumiant might be prescribed off-label for treating atopic dermatitis.

Recent studies show that Baricitinib tablets can lessen skin itching and inflammation. 

  1. What are the common side effects of Baricitinib (Olumiant 4mg)?

The common adverse reactions for Baricitinib 4mg capsule are nausea, herpes zoster, herpes simplex, changes in neutrophils, lipids and lymphocytes and upper respiratory tract infections

  1. Does Baricitinib (Olumiant 4mg) cause depression or weight gain?

No, Baricitinib is not known to cause depression, tiredness and weight gain. There are no complaints filed about these symptoms on this supplement. 

Depression and weight gain are common symptoms in individuals with rheumatoid arthritis. 

  1. How do I discontinue Baricitinib (Olumiant 4mg) safely?

If you have decided to stop using the Olumiant capsule, you must consult with a healthcare professional. 

Those who stop Olumiant 4mg suddenly can experience some serious side effects. 

The doctor suggests you right method to stop the Baricitinib tablet that avoids potential flare-ups of the condition.

  1. Is Baricitinib (Olumiant 4mg) tablet completely safe for adults?

Baricitinib is completely secure for adults with rheumatoid arthritis. This medication is made of quality materials that offer excellent health benefits for users.

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