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Desogestrel is a compound used in preparing hormonal contraceptives.
Birth control
Ethinyl Estradiol and Desogestrel
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Desogen 20/150 mcg

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    Drug Information

    Popularly marketed as Desogen, the general use of Desogestrel is to effect contraception.  Just as is the case with all oral contraceptives available in the open market, Desogestrel contains a blend of estrogen and progestin that prevent ovulation in women. Birth control pills that subscribe to this medication are known as third generation oral contraceptives.

     Desogestrel is safe to use for those with diabetes or lipid disorders.

     Some key benefits of taking Desogestrel are  

    • The ease and effectiveness of consuming Desogestrel makes it the most popular contraceptive available, but it should be used as directed by the physician or as per the instructions on the label.
    • Desogestrel  is considered to be the most effective of all oral contraceptives available.
    • The medication has remarkable results over other disorders too like regulation of menstrual periods, and acne.
    • Desogestrel cuts down on the risk of developing ovarian cancer.



    Desogestrel is an estrogen compound used quite popularly to develop hormonal contraceptives. it is instrumental in suspending ovulation or release of eggs from ovary. It does so because it has a mixture of progestins and estrogens.

     How to Take Desogen?

    The ideal dose of Desogen is prescribed by the physician keeping in view a lot of things like the medical health of the patient. The dose usually begins on the first day of the period or just after the period begins. There is just one pill for each day. Missing out on a pill means raising the  risks of pregnancy.

     Desogen, like all other medications, must be taken under the controlled supervision of a medical practitioner. The latter must be informed of all medicines the patient would be taking during that time. They should not interfere with Desogen.

     Anyone on a dose of Desogen could always face the following side-effects:

    • nausea, bloating, stomach cramps and vomiting.
    • nipple-discharge, breast swelling or tenderness or breasts
    • change in appetite or weight
    • Darkened freckles on skin
    • Loss of scalp hair or a boost in growth of hair


    • Females with severe hypertension are not supposed to subscribe to Desogen. Those looking forward to a major surgery followed by a long period of immobility, pregnancy, diabetes, etc are not supposed to go for Desogen.
    • An overdose of Desogen is likely to have symptoms of vaginal bleeding, sickness, etc. So, this medication should never be taken in excess of what has been prescribed by the medical practitioner. In case of any of these symptoms, consult the doctor at once.

     Pregnant women and those who have just had a delivery should not use the medication as it could cause complications. It could result in severe birth defects.

    • Adherence to the minimal dose is recommended as missing out on a single dose could result in an unwanted pregnancy. So, all possible suggestions in case of a missing dose should be followed.
    • Medicines for treating hepatitis C, antibiotics, seizures, HIV/AIDS could interfere with the effectiveness of Desogen in preventing pregnancy. Do consult your doctor for the appropriate and necessary procedure to be followed in such a case. 


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