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Sumycin is a tetracycline antibiotic and is used to treat infections produced by bacteria belonging to the Streptomyces genus.
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Sumycin 250mg

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Sumycin 500mg

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  • Sumycin

    Drug Information

    Tetracycline is the prime ingredient of Sumycin. It is an antibiotic prescribed for bacterial infections of skin, genitals and urinary tract. The medication is also employed for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. Sumycin is also used as a replacement therapy for curing the Lyme disease and anthrax post inhalation exposure. The medication is not suitable for intake for viral infections. Pregnant ladies, breastfeeding mothers and children less than 8 years of age must use this drug with care.


    Sumycin removes the infection by reducing the pace of bacterial growth. The process of production of protein within the body for survival is known as Protein Synthesis. The drug doesn’t allow bacteria to produce proteins and kills them consequently.

    How to take Sumycin

    The safe indicated dosage is 500 mg two times a day. However, patients are even advised to take a dose of 250 mg four times in 24 hours. A doctor will determine the dosage as per your age, weight, nature of infection and tolerability. Take this medicine as advised by the physician. Do not make any changes in your dosages yourself. If you do not observe any positive change in your health, talk to your doctor. Use the medication for the recommended period of time. Do not leave the course in the middle. Use the same amount of drug daily at the same time each day. Swallow a pill of Sumycin orally with water, either one hour before food on empty stomach or two hours after food.


    Sumycin is not fit for consumption for those who are allergic to the medication. The medication is known to increase your sensitivity towards the sunlight and artificial UV rays, which may result in skin peeling and blistering. Do not take multivitamin tablets, antacids, laxatives and calcium supplements within two hours of Sumycin consumption. This may make the drug less effective. Sumycin causes mild diarrhea, which suggests the beginning of a new infection. Rush for medical help if your diarrhea becomes watery and bloody. Check with your doctor before using any medication for diarrhea. Do not use dairy products, such as milk and yoghurt, for swallowing the pill.

    Sumycin medicine must be taken with care by pregnant women as it may harm an unborn child. Use non-hormonal contraceptive methods because Sumycin makes contraception pills less effective. Do not use this medicine when breastfeeding a child.

    Side Effects

    Common side effects of Sumycin are swollen tongue, respiratory troubles, constipation, sores, mild nausea, vaginal irritation and discharge. Some serious side effects of Sumycin are abdominal pain, fever, excessive weakness, pale or yellow skin, body ache, fever, chills, heart palpitations, nausea, blistering and peeling of skin and urination troubles. 





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