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It is popularly known as Rhinocort Aqua. It is a nasal spray which contains corticosteroid and budesonide.
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Rhinocort 100mcg

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      Drug Information

      Inflammation in the nasal passages is sought to be treated by a nasal spray called Rhinocort or Rhinocort Aqua. It has budesonie and corticosteroid.

       Rhinocort is sold by Astra Zenca brand. It is used to treat different types of inflammation that arise in the nasal cavity. Rhinocort could be used in the treatment of other body allergies too.

       Nasal problems in adults as well as children above 6 years of age are also treated with oral capsules sold under the brand name of Entrocort.

      The medication also comes with loads of plus points too.

      • Rhinocort effective in dealing with hay fever or allergic rhinitis too.
      •  Rhinocort also used to treat allergies from home mites or dust.
      • Rhinocort is used to treat nasal polyps that are a part of hay fever. Nasal polyps are tiny groups of tissue that outgrow from main lining of the nose.
      • Rhinocort is effective in cleaning a blocked nose.
      • Rhinocort is a therapeutic drug that helps  in breathing easily in case of a blocked nose.
      • The ease with which Rhinocort is used has made it popular among users and medical practitioners as well.



      The miracle effected by Rhinocort is achieved by the action of budesonide and corticosteroid. The ingredients of this spray act against the inflammation in the nasal passages in the normal course of time. It makes breathing easy for the user.

       How to Take Rhinocort?

      The ideal dosage for adults and kids is one spray per nostril. The ideal dosage could be increased if improvement is not visible with the ideal dose. In all cases, one should not take more than four sprays in a day.

       Children are not supposed to take more than two sprays per day per nostril. Shake the bottle or container well before use to mix Rhinocort well. The first spray should be of minimum quantity to gauge the possible reactions the body would take. The fist visible results are experienced ten hours after the first spray.


      For a comprehensive improvement in your state, you might have to wait for about two weeks. There are always some potential allergic reactions that could arise in the two weeks. You must be cautious of these. Be sure to cut down on the dose when the first improvement is observed.


      There are bound to be some side-effects of using Rhinocort. Be prepared to have a cough, nausea, vomiting and some breathing problems while you subscribe to this spray.


      • The physician should be intimated of all allergies before beginning with Rhinocort.
      • The doctor should be updated with all issues affecting your nose, eye or throat. Any infections should be discussed with him or her beforehand.
      • If any surgery is planned in the near future, the information should be shared with the doctor. This is the only way its implications on the use of Rhinocort would be clear.
      •  Women planning to conceive a child or those breast-feeding children should always consult a doctor before giving a whiff of Rhinocort.
      • In case of contact of Rhinocort with the eyes, the eyes must be washed thoroughly with cold water. Seek medical attention if situation gets out of hand.

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    Hi, I bought Rhinocort 100mcg from grantpharmacy and couldn't be happier. The nasal spray worked wonders for my allergies, providing quick relief. grantpharmacy offered excellent service and fast delivery.






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