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Benazepril is marketed under the brand name Lotensin by Novartis pharmaceutical company.
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Lotensin –Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor:

Benazepril is marketed under the brand name Lotensin by Novartis pharmaceutical company. The drug is used in the treatment of chronic renal failure and congestive heart ailments. It is a potential angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor and is metabolized in the Liver.

The medicine has been approved by the FDA in June 1991 and is available at all stores upon prescription. Its mechanism of action in the body is complex. Angiotensin converting enzyme in the blood mediates the formation of angiotensin II from Angiotensin 1, the inactive form which results in the contraction of muscles, constriction of arteries to enhance blood pressure.

Lotensin inhibits the action of ACE thus relaxing the tensed arteries and lowers the blood pressure. It also improves the efficiency of the heart to pump more blood and helps treating patients with cardiac failure.

How to use Lotensin:

Lotensin is a serious drug and needs to be consumed exactly as prescribed by the physician. It could be coupled with meals or taken idle. Oral suspension of the drug needs to be shaken well and dosage measured accurately. While using the Lotensin, it is important to stay hydrated and drink lots of water in the day. It may be mandatory to check blood pressure often and stop taking the medicine with doctor’s advice when surgery is mandated.

The liquid medicine needs to be stored in the refrigerator, and do not take extra medicine in lieu of missed doses. It is important to avoid getting up suddenly from bed and to change positions. It is important to discontinue use of alcohol during the treatment period.

Contraindications and precautions:

Allergic reaction to ACE inhibitors needs to be ascertained before starting the drug. Lotensin could get the person drowsy and it is not advisable to drive or use machinery while on treatment. The medicine is strictly not advisable during pregnancy and while nursing the baby as it could harm the baby.

Lotensin is not indicated for people with known history of renal disorders, liver disease, diabetes and congestive heart failure.

Top benefits of the drug:

• Lotensin is used in the treatment of elevated blood pressure levels
• The drug has also been used to protect the kidneys from harm in lieu of chronic diabetes mellitus. 
• On-going research studies have substantiated that people with chronic renal insufficiency has showed good results with continuous usage of the drug. 
• Studies have concluded that ACE inhibitors could be used to treat hypertension due to kidney disease.
• The drug is also used in the treatment of congestive heart failure in dogs and renal failure in cats and dogs.

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