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Ortho Tri-Cyclen is a very effective drug used to prevent pregnancy. It also treats disorders of menstrual cycle in women.
Birth control
ethinyl estradiol/norgestimate
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    • ORTHO

      Drug Information

      The benefits of using Ortho Tri-Cyclen or just Ortho are the prevention of unwanted pregnancies and treatment of issues of menstrual cycles in women. It is also instrumental in the treatment of acne in women.

      Ortho has a unique combination of estrogens and progestin hormones effective in preventing pregnancies. Different doses of Ortho are used for different purposes.

      Some of the benefits of using Ortho are:

      • Ortho is an effective agent against unwanted pregnancy.
      • It prevents an infection of the skin by acne.
      • It makes the presence of acne on the skin more tolerable.

       It is quite safe to be taken in and is quite quick in its action.

      • The metabolism of Ortho is quickly effected by the human liver.


      Ovulation in women is delayed when the levels of hormones of estrogens and progestin are boosted. This is what Ortho does. So, it checks unwanted pregnancies.

       Ortho could be used for treating acne formation in females. Acne in females is caused by the production of sebum. Sebum is produced by androgens. Ortho restricts the level of androgen in the female  body. So, it checks the formation of  acne.

       How to Take Ortho?

      Ortho must be consumed strictly as per the instructions of the physician. Alternatively, the prescription on the label might b e consulted. But Ortho is meant to be consumed orally, it could be taken before meals on an empty stomach, or it could be taken after a meal, on a full stomach.

       The first day of the menstrual cycle should be chosen as the starting point of the dosage. It should be consumed regularly without a gap of more than 24 hours between two alternate doses.

      One should not worry if a particular dose is missed or forgotten. It could be taken whenever one is reminded of it. But it is important  not to take a double dose. One should never take two consecutive doses at the same time. It could be detrimental to one’s health.

       You must consul a trained physician before you can alter the dose of Ortho. Moreover, let a physician decide when to stop taking a dose of Ortho, never take the decision yourself.

      Ortho is associated with some severe side-effects, like

      • You might experience some Stomach cramps, bloating, vomiting and mild nausea when you begin with a dose of Ortho.
      • There could always be some changes in appetite or weight as a consequence of intake of Ortho.
      • You might witness an increase in hair growth or loss of scalp hair when you are on a dose of Ortho. There might also be some darkening of the facial skin or you might get some freckles.
      • There might be some nipple discharge, breast swelling or tenderness.


      • If Ortho is on the list of allergens that could trouble you, don’t subscribe to it.
      • Pregnant women should avoid taking it.
      • Users of troleandomycin should avoid using Ortho.
      • Those with a family history of heart problems, blood disorder, liver problems, brain disorder or cancer,   must check with the doctor before trying out Ortho.
      •  Lactating mothers must first consult the doctor before trying out Ortho.
      • An addiction to alcohol or to cigarettes could prove to be detrimental while on a dose of Ortho.
      • Discuss the consequences of taking Ortho while on prescription drug or even when trying out a non-prescription drug.
      • Those with a tumor in pancreatitis or uterus, must consult a physician before embarking on a treatment with Ortho. 

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