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The active ingredient of the drug Flonase is fluticasone. The drug is used for treating seasonal allergic nasal symptoms.
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Flonase 50mcg

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Drug Information

What is the purpose of Flonase?

The medical situation for which Flonase is used is sneezing, runny nose and congestion. It is a steroid nasal spray which if applied can restrict the release of certain substances in body that might cause inflation. It is mostly used for children above 2 years of age and adults in dosage prescribed by the physician.

Precaution when using Flonase

Certain precautions need to be exercised while using the medicine. Such precautions are:

  • It should be taken in exact quantity as prescribed by the doctor and not used in smaller or larger amounts.
  • In case suffering from cataracts, glucoma, diabetes, liver disease, TB, any ulcers or sores inside nose and all such medical conditions should be informed before the doctor decides to prescribe the medicine.
  • The sign of getting healed may take some time when using Flonase. Even after using it for sufficient period of time if there is no sign of improvement then doctor should be consulted immediately.
  • If you are taking ritonavar or in incase you are allergic to using fluticasone nasal then Flonase should be avoided.
  • After using 120 sprays the medicine should not be used further even if some medicine is still in there in the bottle.
  • Before giving the medicine to children less than 2 years old, doctor’s advice should be taken as it might deter their growth due to the presence of steroids in the medicine.
  • Pregnant or nursing mothers should inform the doctor before using Flonase.

Side Effects of using Flonase

Those prescribed with Flonase might suffer from common side effects such as back pain, headache, nose bleeding, menstrual problem, cough, sinus pain, sore throat and white patches around or inside nose. While some of the patients might even suffer from serious side effects such as severe nose bleeding, runny nose, noisy breathing, sores, redness in your throat or mouth, chills, weakness, vomiting, nausea, eye pain, blurred vision and the likes. In case the side effects falls in the serious category as above or if the common side effects persist for long then doctor should be consulted immediately.

Dosage and Administration

Mostly the dose that is administered is 1 or 2 sprays on each nostrils once a day or as prescribed by doctor after checking the condition of the patient. The medicine comes with safety instructions and how to use it effectively to get maximum result. The bottle should be shaken well before use. Also it should be consumed for prescribed period of time. Overdose of the medicine at any cost should be avoided otherwise life threading situations may arise. In case if a dose is skipped, it should be used as soon as you become aware. The storage of the medicine should be done properly away from heat and moisture and should be kept in upright position. Doctor should be visited at regular intervals for monitoring your performance.

Flonase Buying Information

With online shopping in vogue, the medicine can be bought from online pharmacies at competitive rates.


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