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Dexona 0.5 mg (Dexamethasone) Tablet refers to a group of medicines called steroids. It uses many diseases and conditions (such as severe allergic reactions, asthma, rheumatic disorder, skin disorders, and eye disorders).
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Dexona 0.5 mg

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Dexona, also known as dexamethasone, is a synthetic glucocorticoid medication. It works by reducing inflammation and suppressing the normal immune response in the body. Dexona is indicated for various conditions, including allergic states, dermatologic diseases, endocrine disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, hematologic disorders, neoplastic diseases, nervous system disorders, ophthalmic diseases, renal diseases, respiratory diseases, and rheumatic disorders.

How to Take Dexona:

Take the tablets with or without food, as directed by your doctor.
Swallow the tablets whole with a glass of water. Do not crush or chew them unless specifically instructed.
Follow the prescribed dosage and duration of treatment.

Dexona injections are usually given by a healthcare professional in a medical setting, such as a clinic or hospital.
Do not attempt to inject yourself unless instructed to do so by your healthcare provider.

How to use Dexona Eye Drops:

Wash your hands before using the eye drops.
Tilt your head back slightly and pull down your lower eyelid to create a small pocket.
Apply the prescribed number of drops into the pocket created by the lower eyelid.
Close your eyes gently for a few moments to distribute the medication.
Avoid touching the tip of the eye drop bottle to prevent contamination.
Please keep in mind that these instructions are general and may not be suitable for everyone. Always follow the specific instructions and dosage recommended by your healthcare professional. If you have any concerns or questions about how to use Dexona, please consult your doctor or pharmacist for personalized guidance.


We only ship medications which are approved by FDA, Also please consult your doctor to make a full decision on what medication to take.

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