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This drug is basically an oral chemotherapeutic agent and an antibiotic that limits the growth of bacteria
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Myambutol 600mg

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Product Description

Myambutol is prescribed by the medical professionals for treating the symptoms of tuberculosis (TB) lung infections. The active ingredient of the drug is Ethambutol HCL, which betters the condition by curbing the bacterial penetration and killing them. The medication is a treatment for only bacterial infections, and not for viral contagiousness.


Myambutol improves the condition by restricting the growth of bacteria by destroying the tuberculosis cells.

How to take Myambutol

The recommended dosage is 15 mg once in 24 hours. Use Myambutol drug, according to the professional advice. Ask your doctor to change dosage for you in case you do not notice any improvement. The Myambutol dosage is ascertained taking into account a range of factors, such as weight, age and medical condition. Myambutol tablets are consumed orally by mouth with water. The medication can be consumed with and without regard to food. Antibiotics work fast when they are used at regular intervals. Keep the dose quantity constant. Avoid using an antacid with aluminum hydroxide within 4 hours of Myambutol consumption. Do not overfeed.


Patients allergic to Myambutol or other medications of similar composition must avoid using the medication. You may feel dizzy after using the medication. Do not undertake any unsafe activity that requires you to be mentally alert. Cases have surfaced where patients using Myambutol encountered vision difficulties. Rush to the doctor if you face any vision issues. Medical experts warn against vision loss caused by the drug. The medication must be used as per doctor’s guidance. For any necessary information, read the prescription leaflet.

Myambutol is an antibiotic and its prolonged use can develop another infection. Inform your doctor if you notice any changes in your body. The drug should not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding without discussing the potential risks of the medication with your doctor. Exercise caution when giving this medication to children less than 13 years of age.

Side Effects

The common side effects are headache, dizziness, ill-feeling, stomach upset, nausea, appetite loss and vomiting. Serious side effects are severe swollen glands, allergies, fever, joint pain, sore throat, chest tightening, severe weakness, skin yellowing and severe abdominal pain. 





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