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Propecia – Advantages And Disadvantages – One of the worst nightmares for adult men is the possibility of losing their mane.
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    • Propecia

      Drug Information

      Propecia is used for treating hair-loss in men, particularly for instances of hair-loss in the anterior mid-scalp and vertex area. Men usually get some thinning of hair on their scalps. As a result, there is often a receding hairline or a balding effect in me. Propecia is supposed to be used b men only. It has some ugly side-effects that make it unfit for use by women and children. Moreover, it is readily absorbed through the human skin.


      Propecia doesn't allow the change of testosterone  to  testosterone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). Propecia contains active ingredients that boost the growth of hair, but it is effective only in case of men. It cannot find application for women or children.

      How to Take Propecia?

      You should not effect a pause in the treatment. You might as well lose the hair you gained through the treatment. You would end up losing on your hair. So, it would be best to keep going as per the physician's recommendations.

       The physician would be the ideal person to contact in case of aggravation of any symptoms or side-effects. There could be some side-effects like difficulty in breathing, hives, there could be swelling on the lips, or there could be some breast-lumps, a nipple discharge or breast alterations. Do consult  a physician immediately in case of any such symptoms.

       Propecia is also related with some severe side-effects like

      • Difficulty in orgasm, loss of libido, or even impotence
      • swollen feet or hands
      • dizziness or weakness
      • swelling of breasts or tenderness
      • headache
      • skin rashes
      • a running nose


      • Propecia is to be consumed only be men. Women and children should never consume it as they would never be able to handle the contentions of Finasteride tablets.
      • The doctor should be apprised of the complete family history and allergies to drugs and chemicals before trying out Propecia.
      • Those taking Propecia are found to run a risk of developing prostrate cancer. The physician should be consulted to make sure the risk doesn't apply to you.
      • Pregnant women should not take Propecia because it may cause disorders of the fetus.
      • Tablets of Propecia are coated to preserve the active elements during normal handling. Exposure to the crushed form may lead to undesirable consequences. So, washing hands and the area with water and soap would be recommended.

We only ship medications which are approved by FDA, Also please consult your doctor to make a full decision on what medication to take.

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