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Synthroid is a prescription drug which is used for treating Hypothyroidism. The drug helps in producing synthetic thyroid
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Synthroid- Medical Facts You Should Know About This Thyroid Drug!

What is Synthroid?

Synthroid is a prescription drug which is used for treating Hypothyroidism. The drug helps in producing synthetic thyroid hormones replacing the hormones produced by the thyroid gland in the body. Synthroid is composed of an active ingredient called levothyroxine sodium.

The popular names of the drug are Thyrolar, Euthyrox, Thyrox, T4 and Thyrax. These are some of the names which will help you to recognize it.

What it is used for?

The active ingredient of Synthroid is identical with thyroxine, a hormone which is naturally produced by the body. The drug should not be used for treating weight loss or obesity. It takes several weeks to improve the symptoms of hypothyroidism. However treating hyperthyroidism with the drug is not advisable.

Synthroid helps in regulating metabolism and producing energy in the body. It is taken to correct hormonal imbalance in the body. The imbalance could be because of radiation treatment, cancer, surgery or any other medical condition. The drug treats both overactive and underactive condition of the thyroid gland in the body.

How do you take the drug?

Synthroid should be taken under certified medical practitioner. However certain things should be kept in mind before taking the drug. These are:

• One should avoid overdosing of Synthroid.
• Patient should be consistent with the drug.
• It should be taken empty stomach with water. Food should be consumed only after 30 min of taking the medicine.
• If you have missed the dose, take it immediately once you have time.
• The dosage of the drug differs from person to person.

Any Contraindications/ Precautions

The drug can be used by anybody suffering from hypothyroidism. However some of the patients should avoid using it. People suffering from diabetes and anemia cannot use this drug. Moreover those people who suffer from blood clots or any disease relating to coronary arteries should also avoid the drug.

Pregnant women and even breast feeding mothers can use the drug without any harm to the mother and the child. The time taken to reflect Synthroid might vary from person to person. One needs to be patient after starting the medication.

Side effects

One of the main drawbacks of the drug is that it has to be taken for life. It is so because thyroid hormones will not be produced by the body naturally. There are some other adverse effects of the drug. Such as:

• It might lead to nervousness.
• There might be symptoms of irregular heartbeat.
• Women might face problems in their menstrual cycle.
• There might be slight hair loss
• Symptoms of increased sweating is observed in some people.
• Some people might suffer from headache and sleeping problems.
• There might be changes in weight also.

We only ship medications which are approved by FDA, Also please consult your doctor to make a full decision on what medication to take.

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