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Bisoprolol has been marketed under the generic name Zebeta; it belongs to a class of drugs known as beta blockers.
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  • Zebeta

    Drug Information

    Zebeta is a beta-blocker used for treating the high blood pressure, cardiovascular disorders and conditions arising out due to the following illnesses, such as kidney problems, strokes and blood circulation disorders. Bisoprolol Fumarate is the prime ingredient of Zebeta, which is further utilized to improve the quality of life after a heart attack. Medical professionals can recommend this medication for other health reasons not mentioned herein. Zebeta is either prescribed as a stand-alone medication or as a part of a combination drug for the treatment of heart and blood pressure problems effectively.


    Being a beta blocker, Zebeta restores health by stalling the action of certain chemical substances in the body, primarily Epinephrine. The substance hampers the functioning of the heart and the connecting blood vessels by slowing down the pulse rate, increasing the load on the heart and elevating the blood pressure.


    Zebeta tablets are administered orally, with or without food. Use Zebeta following the doctor’s advice closely. Before using the medication, it is suggested that a patient must read the manufacturer label for developing a clear understanding about the medication. The dosage of Zebeta is calculated on the basis of medical condition and response to the treatment. Do not miss doses and prevent overdose. Avoid alcohol consumption with Zebeta as it can be hazardous for your health. Before undergoing any surgery, inform your surgeon about the use of Zebeta. Go for repetitive blood pressure tests to ensure the safety and efficiency of the medication for you.

    Side Effects

    Zebeta side effects are dizziness, indigestion, usual sweating, slow heart rate, heart palpitations, drowsiness, asthma, respiration troubles, congestive heart failure, abdominal cramps, chest pain, vision problems and sudden weight changes.


    • Zebeta may damage your thinking capability and cause hallucinations. Avoid activities that require you to be mentally sound and seek a doctor’s help.
    • Do not drink alcohol with Zebeta as it can aggravate the side effects.
    • Zebeta is a part of overall treatment that includes diet and exercise. A patient must consume a proper diet and do regular exercising to stay fit and healthy.
    • Do not abruptly end Zebeta consumption and follow the prescribed length of treatment.
    • Pregnant and lactating mothers must use this medication when clearly prescribed by the doctor.
    • If a patient is suffering from any kidney or liver disease, asthma, diabetes, chest pain or any cardio problem, he must use Zebeta carefully.






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